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About Me

Bio - shorter version


Nickie is a London based composer, singer/songwriter and performer of romantic, lyrical, melodic and ethereal music. She draws her influences from classical music and french popular songs. She has released 3 albums to date and is currently releasing singles of her neo classical solo piano pieces on a regular basis.  Her latest album consisting of gentle solo piano pieces entitled 'Sea of Serenity' was released in March 2023.  In 2009 she released her debut album, 'Will and Destiny' which consists of 8 songs designed to uplift and inspire. This was followed by 'Eternal Love', an album of tranquil piano music incorporating brain entrainment software commissioned by the company Evolutionezine. Nickie's music often described as beautiful provides a unique and captivating experience whilst at the same time bringing a sense of calm, joy and peace to the listener.  Nickie performs her music live both online, offering a monthly livestream performance in her Facebook group as well as in person.  For further information please do get in touch.


Bio - Longer version


Nickie Hart is a London based singer/songwriter/composer. Her piano based music is considered both romantic and melodic and her voice has been described as unique, haunting and ethereal. Her influences, primarily classical music and french popular songs were her musical preferences during her formative years. The romantic element of this is evident in much of her music. If you like Enya, Katie Melua and Kate Bush then Nickie's songs may well appeal as there are indeed similarities. Nickie came to songwriting relatively late, after many years of working in the headwear industry. Like many, she grew up learning the piano, having her first lesson at 8 years of age, only to renounce four years later, at 12 in favour of the clarinet. After a gap of 18 years she was drawn back to the piano this time with her focus primarily on composition. A few years later she met David Burman a renowned composer and multi-instrumentalist at a local tennis club from whom she decided to take songwriting and composition lessons which inspired her to develop a career in songwriting. This resulted in the production of her debut album in 2009 entitled 'Will & Destiny' with titles such as 'Feeling Fine', Never Give Up' and 'Be Yourself'. The aim of the album was to inspire and deal with subject matter that all could relate to. This was followed shortly afterwards by an album of relaxing piano music produced for a brain entrainment company, entitled 'Eternal Love'. Her latest album of relaxing piano music entitled 'Sea of Serenity' was released in March 2023.  

She is currently focussing more on her instrumental music and is in the process of releasing solo piano pieces on a regular basis.  Her latest releases include 'Charlotte's Web', 'Lost in Thought' and 'Spring Awakening'.  All are available to listen to on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

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