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1.  How much is a bespoke song? From £350 for a vocal and piano song - From £997.00 for a fully produced and orchestrated studio song.  This includes a preliminary interview, crafting of song lyrics if applicable, creation of melody, recording, song production, mixing and mastering as appropriate and delivery of song in MP3 format and a PDF lyric sheet.  For a fully produced and orchestrated song which will be carried out in a recording studio this will include the services of both a producer and an engineer.

2.  How long does it take to create a custom song?  Approximately 4 - 6 weeks for a fully produced/orchestrated studio version. 2-4 weeks for a vocal and piano piece or piano only.  Contact us if a faster turnaround is required.

3.  Can I provide my own lyrics? Yes - please note that minor changes to your lyrics maybe required.  No changes will be made without your prior permission.

4.  If you are unfamiliar with our music, please visit the music page which will provide you with an overall feel for the style of music we create.  Links to our socials are also below where you will find additional music.  Also if you have not already done so you can preview samples of music on the Bespoke song page. 

5.  Who owns the copyright?  We do, however this is open to negotiation.

6.  Can I make revisions?  Yes.  We allow two revisions.  After we have completed the first draft you will be given the opportunity to preview the song.  If you would like any changes to be made they will be done at this stage.

7.  Can you create a video for the song?  Yes this is an optional extra.  We can create a video from your photos and or videos.  Prices start from £95.00 depending on the length of the video.

7.  I am interested, what is the process?  We offer a free consultation where we discuss the process in further detail and also answer any of your questions.  If you would like to proceed with the initial free consultation please send us an email.  

8.  Any further questions please email us.

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