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Sea of Serenity testimonials - solo piano

Wow, Nickie! You made my birthday special. What a beautiful experience. I lit candles, listened to it twice and was very moved. I felt I was listening to a concerto of 10 movements. I could see you in a classical gown, sitting at a grand piano in a concert hall, holding the audience spellbound as you play the entirety of this album and the next one that you absolutely must write and record, and, as encores, examples of your vocal numbers that would fit the ambience that your instrumentals create. Bravo!! - Chris Davies - Singer/Songwriter 

'I really find your pieces so magical, relaxing and soothing😌 I think you have produced a fine album of pieces that really calm the soul and are very moving and inspiring'.  Peter Dulborough - Songwriter & Composer

Song Reviews

Feeling Fine

“Dreamy, sleepy, hypnotic female vocals over a piano. Stirs up emotions of sadness and innocence. Would be appropriate for a Tim Burton film soundtrack. The haunting vocals and lyrics sustain whilst the piano creates beautiful eloquent harmonies. It is simply gorgeous and difficult to compare to other singers, perhaps Kate Bush however this implies the singer croaks and cackles whilst her voice remains angelic. Maybe Charlotte Church or Katherine Jenkins. She conjures many visual ideas through the song yet it remains melancholy”

“Romantic and gentle are the two words that describe this song the best. The overall sound picture is ethereal and brings memories from childhood to my mind. The backing voices near the two minutes mark are also worthy of a special mention”

“A very quiet and serene song, with a calm voice being complimented with the piano. I think the voice would be suited to a folky sort tune. Lovely backing vocals. It was like being serenaded by angels”

Silence in Springtime

“Well engineered.  Like listening to the Moody Blues in their prime. ....... Good lyrically.. Singer has a lovely voice”

“Impossibly cute vocals! I defy anyone to dislike them, they're totally enchanting. They carry the song, and they carry it well. It's dreamy, poignant and hints at greater depths......."

“Haunting melody being played on the piano is very well complemented by the unusual and unique vocals which remind me of a nature fairy singing. Very captivating ...... :”


Be Yourself

“A beautiful song, the vocals are wonderful and go really well with the piano melody. Could listen to this song over and over. Amazing.”

“A very classical sounding introduction - the artist's voice was quite distinct and this sounded something like a soundtrack from a move. The lyrics were very thought provoking and quite deep. I am sure that this sort of track would have commercial potential in the soundtrack industry.”

"what a wonderfully soothing track. the vocals have style and suit the sound and genre of music. The melody is very haunting. I have to say that it reminds me of a theme song to the final fantasy video games!​


Never Give Up

“I am in love with her voice. The song has a special atmosphere. It sounds kind of melancholic and sad until you pay attention at the optimistic lyrics. It took me to another surreal place and I enjoy my journey. “

“this song is hauntingly beautiful, the voice was wonderful as was the piano in the background, a very nice song”

"A heart warming song, the singing is wonderful, and the piano is a joy to listen to,........ It's very cinematic, sounds like a piece you would hear in a Tim Burton musical, again I feel it's a song that gets better each time you listen to it well done to the composers" ​


Chin Up

“The song was unique & quite truly beautiful. The singer has an amazing voice that is unique, outstanding & refreshing. I also loved this song & want this to be out to buy, I love this voice”

“wow what a voice this sounds so calm and lovely. The music is very relaxing in the background. would be a great movie soundtrack also. Spot on “

'You have such a unique voice, it's lovely. A really lovely track. Brilliant harmonies towards the end, and just really enjoyed."

Thy Will be Done

“what a lovely soothing and moving sound and piece of music. The voice is so delicate and she sang so beautifully and with such feeling. The backing music is also lovely and the piano is played so well, it blends in harmony with the voice. Excellent”

“I really like the vocals here: they are haunting and beautiful with a sense of innocence in them. The chorus is particularly moving. The lyrics are poetic and there is a real sense of connecting the soul with the music. It has a Julie Cruise feel to it. The verses are quite pointed and I almost feel as if they refer to a religious ideology. ....”

“Striking vocals for a dreamy song. I found the song quite spellbinding and drifted along with it. Quite a strong track that got me interested and caught my attention.”


The Song in my Heart

"The kind of song I would like to hear while walking around a big calm lake. with blooming cherry trees surrounding it. and swans swimming on it. It would be a calm warm evening. with fresh nice smelling air..... oh I just love that song thank you."  

"Not usually my thing but I absolutely adored this in every way. Your voice is beautiful, and the opening lines just trickle brilliantly over the melodic piano which plods onwards in the background. The whole track is just hypnotic and I enjoyed it immensely. Congratulations I think you really have something here."

You're Perfect

“Nice use of the word perfect, liking this very much, it's a quirky sound yet it's really different. Very good vocals and piano too. Would like to see them at next years Brits if they get the chance :D”

“I may have commented about this before, but it sounds so much like she's singing a song from Broadway, it just has that sound to it. The light elegance of her vocals is so obvious.”

“Female vocals were very glistening and her vocal delivery was very unique sounding indeed. Almost brought a tear to my eye.”


Lose Myself

“Very angelic and pure. The vocals in this song are mesmerizing throughout the body of the song. She captures you in her sirens' grip and caresses you into submission. Well done, it was quite the performance. Thank You”

“The singer's voice is enchanting. The harmonies that have been created in this song are simply riveting. I could listen to this all day long. It's so unique!”

“Beautiful lyrics, very enjoyable to listen to. Very angelic sounding, and everything was very complementing of each other. Beautiful track.”

“I really loved this. Ethereal and so original. What a breathy fairy like vocal loads of atmosphere on the track-reminded me of twin Peaks music. Great loved the originality and the beautiful haunting vocals and music. Excellent”


​NB The above reviews have been provided anonymously by the review website Slicethepie.

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