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Music and plants - two of the most healing forces in the universe

Much research has gone into the healing power of both plants and music. Many plants have medicinal properties and can be used effectively in place of orthodox medicine. Music also has profound healing properties. An experiment was conducted where plants were played noisy rock music for a period of time and then classical music. It was found that they grew away from the noisy rock music and towards classical music which is generally more harmonious and soothing. Another experiment was conducted and it was found that classical and new age music promotes plant growth.

I shall be sharing my music with the plants on the 11th December 2022 from 2-3.30pm in the Broomfield Park Conservatory in Palmers Green, London. Hopefully they will enjoy the experience. It has been described as a mini Kew Gardens and has an array of beautiful plants from across the globe. A papaya tree, Coffee bean tree to name but a couple of the more unusual of plants housed there.

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