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My first video, a winter garden (view from my window) and is Logic overrated?

Good question. Many would deem it essential to live life from a place of logic. To take logical steps in all they do. However it has been shown that to do so can be to our detriment and that in fact we can progress far more if we were to move forward from a place that was not logical. It has been said that in order to achieve great things we need to take that leap of faith, a quantum leap and trust that in doing so we will find the wings to fly. I will leave you to ponder that further as I would like to share with you how my music career is progressing. I must confess it almost feels like starting from scratch as I now have my new computer with Logic installed, not the kind of logic I was talking about above but a music production software programme for those of you unfamiliar with matters associated with music production. This will finally enable me to record and complete the album I was working on last year, until my last computer died on me, at the very moment it was almost complete. So I am in the process of learning Logic on a Mac which is somewhat different to Cubase on a PC the music software that I had been using since I started on this journey. I have also purchased a bridge camera and am enjoying taking photos and videos. So that is proving quite fun and I have just completed my first mini video which I am delighted to share with you below. It is basically comprised of photos taken the last couple of days of the beautiful view from my window. It shows the juxtaposition of winter and spring. You will see snow covered trees and branches that are just starting to bud. I also loved the varying shades of sunlight that this garden seems to offer. It is quite a mystical garden in my opinion.

In my next blog I will share with you a mini video this time with some audio backing which will be one of my pieces of music. In the meantime I hope you enjoy pictures taken of a London winter garden and till next time, be well be happy and may your life be filled with unrivalled joy.

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