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Spring is in the air. My new YouTube channel - New Piano music for you!

I am delighted to say that I have started a Youtube channel which is featuring my songs and some new piano music. You can visit it at:-

I have been enjoying taking photos of the natural world, flowers, trees, little animals and some of these I have used to illustrate the music for your visual and auditory pleasure. I am forever in awe of perfection of the natural world. The beautiful vibrant colours of flowers and fowl alike. The delicious softness of a ducklings down that inspires in us a longing to savour the warmth of their little body against our skin. The serenity of a radiant deep purple tulip and the joy that exudes from pink apple blossom. These all serve to delight our senses. Spend just a few moments gazing at the image below and you will notice your mind becoming calm and being enveloped by a deep sense of peace and tranquillity.

If you have a moment to visit my youtube channel and enjoy the music and or images, please do subscribe should you wish to do so and help me get to 1000 subscribers. It will be so much appreciated. Also do let me know whether you have a preference for piano music or songs. Thank you for reading and until the next time, sending you lots of joy and good wishes your way.



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